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I will be opening the site for sales, but won’t be able to do any work until the 6th as explained below. Thank you everyone for the well wishes and patience as I was getting this surgery done. I am sorry for all the auto messages as I hate to send them, but sometimes they are needed to get the work out.

Today is March the 31st 2015, my surgery is complete and I am recovering.  I will be having the stitches and staples removed this Friday the 4th of April.  I plan on getting back to work on the 6th of April, I will be ready to start again and I am sorry for the issues this may have caused.


I will do my best to answer emails, but it is hard to answer emails with one hand in a cast. It is also hard to answer them right now with the stitches in my wrist, sorry.

Blessed be









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