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UPDATE - 7/29/2014

ATTENTION:  I just want to make sure everyone is aware I will be moving to a new home on the 31st of july through the 3rd of August.  I will be back online the 4th of August.  I will leave the site up and running, if you do have questione please ask.  I will do my best to answer emails as I am taveling.  I am sorry if this causes an inconvience, I am looking forward to getting in my new home and away fromt he winter months here in New Hampshire.


Thank you for checking out my site, I will be adding more to this during the summer months.  I also want to let everyone know I am on Bonanza.com and Etsy.com.  On Etsy I do accept credit cards, and if you have any questions just ask.  If you want a link to any of the sites just email me and let me know.

This wil be an exciting year and I will be sending out a news letter this summer as well.  I want to take this time to thank everyone for coming to my site and I am always happy to hear from everyone.

I do work hard to answer every email, as quickly as possible. So please email me anytime with questions or concerns.

Blessed be






Welcome to the newly revamped White Mountain Magick!

We have a ton of new features ready for you to explore and try out. Including a new streamlined Checkout process, new product pages, more items to order, and more!

- Affiliate Program - Those of you spreading your success stories to everyone on forums and blog postings, can now earn a commision off of every new client you send us! Sign up to be a White Mountain Magick Affiliate and use your Generated Code to use in your blog postings or forum postings. When someone "clicks" on your code, they will be sent to our store. If that client purchases a spell or reading from your referral, YOU wil earn 5% commission from that sale! You can be paid via PayPal ONLY! So please have a PayPal account ready, or open a new one.


We appreciate your feedback. Please write to let us know what you think of the NEW White Mountain Magick!

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